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A Note From Our Founder, Jeffrey Sobel

Jeffrey Sobel

As I look back over the past 13 years, I am humbled by how much our company has grown and accomplished. From our origin as a single nonprofit fundraising consultancy we have expanded to the family of independent consultancies you know today, united by a common mission to “Grow the Good” both locally and globally. Reflecting on the 2022 accomplishments we share in this report, I feel most proud that we have stayed true to our core principles while engaging an expanding array of clients, strategic partners, and investors. We have always looked at our work as collaborative, rooted in driving success for the mission at hand. The successes achieved by organizations and projects we counsel continue long after our direct involvement ends, and that is heartwarming. I can think of no greater testament to the quality of the team we have built over the years.

This year we took the next steps to create a firm that is uniquely positioned to accelerate positive social and environmental impacts by unlocking a wider variety of resources and capital – from philanthropy to concessionary capital to equity investment targeting market rate returns.. We also bolstered our clients’ ability to steward their entities using better fiscal management and thoughtful cost reductions. I’m extremely confident that this path will allow our company to generate great revenue, profits, and overall value in the years ahead.

As we move into 2023 our company will build its future success on the comprehensive approach we have always provided: our own services, delivered with strong collaboration, that improve our clients’ access to capital.

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